Cedar Brush

Our Story

Our Mission

“Building capacity and strength within our Indigenous communities through employment and training” is the driving force behind everything we do at Cedar Brush Site Services & Janitorial. We are dedicated to creating lasting positive change by offering employment opportunities, skill development, and a commitment to preserving Indigenous traditions and values.

Welcome to Cedar Brush Site Services & Janitorial, an Indigenous-owned and operated business hailing from the Chipewyan Prairie Dene First Nation. We are dedicated to serving Indigenous organizations, industrial and commercial clients, as well as Indigenous communities throughout the Metro Vancouver Region and Western Canada.

Founded in August 2021, Cedar Brush emerged with a mission to provide meaningful employment and training opportunities for our Indigenous communities. The pandemic has brought about significant challenges, resulting in job losses for many individuals. In response, we sought to create avenues for those with little to no training to secure meaningful, living wage employment while ensuring the safety of our Indigenous communities and organizations.